Having the architecture strongly influenced by the European Art Deco movement and the interior decorated with luxurious finishing, Cine Plaza stayed in business until 1980. The building was purchased by NIGRI in 2004 when it became subject of a bold architectural study for revitalization, enlargement and change in use. In 2012, BVEP, which is a company controlled by Banco Votorantim, joined the enterprise to perform the retrofit project, which included the total preservation of the facade, the beautiful foyer and the historic auditorium seating with the capacity for 220 people.

The corporate design of the building has 16 office stories, one underground floor for parking, bike racks and 6 panoramic elevators with smart control and better performance. Among the most advanced in the industry, the elevators have the capacity for 18 people with low energy consumption and minimum noise level.

Ademi Award


The enterprise will feature a rental area of 14.357m2 and an independent commercial store on the ground floor, which was recognized with the 2015 Outstanding Award for Sustainability - Ademi. The material and construction methods employed rigorous standards of certification and it also has as a distinction of having a landscape area of approximately 500m2, which is internationally recognized as a pocket forest. It is the first building with a reproduction of the rain forest in the city of Rio de Janeiro.