The BVEP NIGRI Plaza enterprise is certified according to LEED GOLD standard and by Green Building Council of The United States, which provides an international standard of sustainability with one of the highest grades in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The use of practices to increase the efficiency of construction and reduction of environmental impacts during the cycle of construction are observed in the cost of maintenance, operation and benefits in water consumption, energy and thermic comfort of the users.

"First building in Rio de Janeiro with a rain forest reproduction inside and with the Gold LEED score at City Center."


  • Urban density and local community: building constructed 805m away from at least 10 basic facilities accessible to pedestrians: schools, banks, restaurants, etc
  • Alternative transportation: access to public transportation through a bus stop located at about 400m from the building and Cinelândia subway station at 800m away from the building.
  • Alternative transportation: construction of bike racks, both male and female locker rooms and reserved parking spaces for low emission or low-fuel consumption cars in the underground floor
  • 481,00 m2 of green roof area (42% of the total area of the plot)
  • Reduction of the urban heat island on the rooftop: to minimize the impact of microclimate, to create green space on the roof and the use of high reflectance pavement (Solar Reflectance Index [SRI] equal or superior to 78) on the rooftop area.


  • Reduction of 40% in water consumption by using saving devices such as sensor taps in the restrooms and taps with flow restrictor in the eating areas, urinal flush with sensors and flush valves, etc
  • Reservoir for rain water reuse in the irrigation of the garden on the 14th floor
  • Use of native plants which demand less water
  • Individual water gauge on each floor


  • Recycling bins on the underground floor: paper, plastic, metal, lights, etc
  • Only regional materials that have been extracted, processed and manufactured within a radius of 800km of the project: marble, granite, etc.
  • Use of recycled materials: aluminum, etc
  • Use of FSC certified wood


  • Commissioning of the systems which demand energy, verifying its installation and its performance
  • Air conditioning system with VRF Inverter type of air condensation, designed with the highest coefficient of performance (COP) that provides great savings in electricity
  • Illumination done by light fixtures with luminous efficiency and energy-saving bulbs
  • Illumination controlled by presence sensors
  • Automatic turn-off system of illumination and air conditioning after office hour
  • Efficient laminated glass used in the window frames allowing greater quantity of light in and blocking the heat


  • Outside filtered air injection
  • Control of tobacco smoke with visual smoking prohibition in all areas of the enterprise
  • Use of products of low emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds): paints, glues, etc